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Making Good Money While Making a Difference in People’s Lives

LPNs Make Money While Making a Difference Imagine you’ve lived an active life, traveled around to many places, swam every day, ran after your children, played sports, gardened, biked, and everything else under the sun. Now you wake up and you have trouble getting out of bed. Making your way to the bathroom is increasingly [...]

LPNs Save Lives

How Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) Save Lives It is important for an LPN to be alert and on their game at all times. Why? Because a qualified licensed practical nurse can make the difference between life and death. It all begins when a patient is admitted to a hospital or care center. It is up [...]

LPN Stars

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) Are Special People From One to Many Ricky Turley was thrust into the throes of responsibility when his father’s life became increasingly difficult dealing with diabetes, cardiac issues, and kidney failure. His mother couldn’t handle the stress of it all on her own. Teenage Turley stepped in to help and was [...]

Five Reasons Why the Future Looks Bright for LPNs

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) Face a Bright Future: Here Are 5 Reasons Why The career outlook for licensed practical nurses have never been better. People are living longer and assisted living is at its height. LPNs are needed more than ever in home health care, nursing care facilities, hospitals, and physicians offices. If you are [...]