Applying to LPN nursing school is a tough gig. The competition can be ruthless and you may be at a loss for what sets you apart from the rest. Have no fear! Below you will find five tips to help you come out on top.

Five Tips for Getting into LPN Nursing School

1. High School Alert: School Involvement is Important!

There are some people who apply to LPN nursing school directly out of high school. If this is the case, there are a few things LPN schools look at. First, there is your GPA (of course this is important for college students as well). Be sure to work hard and do well in your classes. You also want to keep your absences at a minimum. Given the competition, every little thing matters. A poor attendance record could reflect poorly on your amount of dedication. It is also a good idea to run for office. If you want to prove your leadership skills and hardworking nature, gaining a position in student council or on the executive board for a club is a good way to accomplish this. Lastly, if your school does not require community service, make sure to seek it out yourself. Nursing schools want applicants who wish to do good in the world. Community service (especially community service in the healthcare field), will stand out.

2. Get Ahead of the Game: Research Prerequisites

A few LPN nursing schools require prerequisite classes before applying to their program. Usually these can be completed in high school. Make sure these prerequisites are taken care of before your application is submitted, as it is likely you will not be considered if you do not meet the requirements. Research the programs you wish to attend early on, so you are sure to obtain these credits before you need them. Also, though it may not be a prerequisite, CPR certification would be a plus on your application.

3. Like the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared

When applying to LPN school, it is important to note the amount of time it takes for transcripts to be sent out. Usually a person must wait a few weeks, or even a month, before the school receives their information. It is also important to send your application and supporting materials to the school in a timely manner.

4. Be Experienced... Work-Wise

A job in any healthcare facility, no matter the position, is a great thing to have under your belt. If no one is hiring, try for an internship. The internship does not have to be glamorous, just field-related. If that, too, proves too hard to find, then volunteer. Even if you are doing nothing more than clerical duties, the fact that you are in the hustle and bustle of it all will be taken into consideration.

5. It's All In Who You Know: Network

Research the program of your choice. Are they hosting an event? If they are, perhaps you can volunteer. This would allow you to meet and mingle with some students and even faculty. If you go above and beyond the call of duty, you may make a lasting impression which would help you in the admissions room. Even if there is no event, seek out students and faculty members alike and find out what the program heads are looking for in applicants. You may even want to pop your head into the Nursing Chair's office and introduce yourself (in a professional manner, of course).

Hope these tips work well for you. Good luck with LPN admissions!