Once you've completed your LPN training, passed the national licensing exam and are getting ready to apply for LPN jobs and other positions in the field, you'll need to prepare for the interview and application process with a professional LPN resume. If you completed an accredited LPN certification training program or a diploma program, you may have some work experience by working through the clinical or practical requirements of your training program. Clinical experience should be listed on your LPN resume, because it gives future employers an idea of how much hands-on training you have completed, and what types of skills you have acquired over the course of your educational career.

Preparing an LPN Resume

Your LPN resume needs to include all of your contact information, highlight your skill set, and also outline your work experience in as much detail as possible. If you were working part-time in a medical setting while in school, you can also include all of your work responsibilities and roles assumed during your training. The most important thing to remember when preparing an LPN resume is to include as many details as possible about your experience. Employers are looking for experienced and skilled professionals who are proving that they are dedicated to their nursing career. They only have your LPN resume and application to look at when comparing candidates for each position, so make sure yours is as thorough, accurate and unique as possible to get noticed.

If you're not sure where to start when preparing an LPN resume, take a look at some LPN resume samples online. A simple way to determine what types of skills and educational background an employer is looking for is to review the LPN job description in detail, and write down any skills you have and criteria that you meet. This information can help you flesh out the rest of your LPN resume in greater detail, and will be more customized for the actual position you are applying for.

LPN Resume Sample

Looking at different examples of LPN resumes can help you put together your own professional resume. You can find an LPN resume sample by doing a basic online search, or by looking at career guides and books about nursing careers. The standard LPN resume sample includes the following sections:

  • Contact information (header)
  • Objective - information on what you expect to achieve throughout your career as an LPN, and what you hope to accomplish by working with this particular employer
  • Skills - a list of the different skills you bring to this position. Make sure to include how you interact with patients, your communication skills, and all of the skills you have learned during your LPN training here.
  • Work Experience - list the name, address and position of any employers or medical centers where you served as a volunteer. You also need to include dates of employment here.
  • Responsibilities - For each position listed under work experience, list four to six different tasks you were responsible for.
  • Education - List any diplomas, certificates, degrees and non-credit courses you have completed in this section.
  • Certifications and Licensure - provide information on what type of licensure or certifications you currently hold
  • References - You can either list three to four references with phone numbers and affiliations, or simply state "Available upon request" so that the employer can request them when needed.